Let's have fun and search in the real world!
Find a friend, invite them and then start a new adventure.
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Send invitations to people around you in real world.

The SMARTkiss app gives you many options. You decide which of them you will use the most.

You can have a good time looking for other users in the real world. You have no contact with them until you find them, you just see them on the app’s map. This promises a lot of fun and excitement.

You can challenge your friends to see which of you will find more users – each find is confirmed by scanning the QR code of the people looking for each other and those people earn a Smartkiss each. The application contains a ranking which shows how you are doing compared to the people you meet or to all other users of the app.

SMARTkiss is an exciting way of meeting new people in the real world. Each person you look for will agree in advance to meet you by accepting your invitation to meet, so it will be to very easy to establish contact.

The SMARTkiss app is a secure way of making new friends. Once they have scanned the QR code, the people you’ve met can automatically contact you via the app’s chat function. You don’t need to exchange your phone numbers or e-mail addresses. If you no longer want to contact someone just remove their details from the app and your details are simultaneously removed from theirs.

Thanks to SMARTkiss you will easily find friends who are close by, somewhere near but outside your range of vision. For example, you won’t miss a friend who happens in the same big shopping centre as you. A quick glance at the app’s map and you can meet up. You won’t lose track of your friends on trips, e.g., in the mountains or in the woods, and you can easily locate them at a concert when it’s too noisy to call them. SMARTkiss will always help you to find your friends in any situation.

When you arrange a meeting with a friend you don’t need to call them on your way to find out where they are. Simply share your location with them and you will know just where they are. The distance between you is updated in real time on your shared map. You can see if they are going to be late, and they can message you via the app to let you know, while at the same time checking where you are on the map.

Thanks to the SMARTkiss app you can have lots of real friends, friends from the real world rather than fictitious „friends” you have never met and know nothing about – as is the case with other apps and social networks.

          All this is at your fingertips as soon as you install our app in your smartphone. You can join in whenever you feel like it or when you want to meet somebody new, e.g. if none of your friends are around, or maybe they are and you want to show them just how much fun SMARTkiss search is. You decide when you want to join in the fun or show others. SMARTkiss is just your label in the real world combining the Web with reality like no one has done before, a tool we are placing in your hands. Have fun!

Earn SMARTkisses and have fun using the SmarKiss app! We are here to help you. Enjoy!

SMARTkiss Team

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