Presentation - SMARTkiss


SMARTkiss is an application that focuses on building valuable relationships in the real world. App users are the people who are consciously using of the Internet in everyday life, but mostly they value real relationship with another man – spending time together, sharing passions, talking face to face. SMARTkiss is an attractive form of establishing new relationships, expand circle of friends and fun.

Download the application and become a part of the SMART community!

See how many interesting people are located near you, wherever you are - in the city center, shopping mall, at a football game of your favorite team, at the concert or while hiking on a mountain trail. Wherever you are, you can make inspiring connections, and then watch each other not to get lost. :)


The main objective of the application is to allow user to meet new people by looking at the map for others who are currently in your area (range of your radar). Each user is a marked section: blue is for male, red indicates female sex. When you click on a point, you can see the user's profile. If you are interested in knowing the person better, you can send her an invitation to the meeting.

To make the meeting possible the other person needs to approve it. If the invitation is accepted, there is nothing left but meeting each other and making a SMARTkiss (scanning QR code on the other phone). To easily arrange a convenient appointment users can communicate via chat within 99 hours from the moment of acceptance of the invitation. If they don’t meet and don’t make a SMARTkiss, they lose the opportunity to communicate with each other via chat. But if they do make a SMARTkiss, they can easily communicate by chatting each other without any limits. Additionaly, they can share their location to quickly find each other in the real world. There is no need to exchange phone numbers or e-mail addresses, all communication is being carried out inside the application. What is important, at any time, the user can decide to exclude your location or remove the newly learned people from your contacts. Just one click and unwanted contact will disappear from our list, what is more, on this person interface application will automatically delete contact to us.